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Hot Caribbean African Inspired Chilli Sauces Marinades

Chilli sauces are a great way to flavour up your simple meal. Drop into stirfry or omelete, you name it, instant flavour. Our new One Drop chilli sauces are delicious.

We also have Jah Blue’s traditional authentic jerk seasoning in a 110g jar or 150g pouch.

The true use of jerk was to preserve food and give some flavour and heat to older meat and simple peasant food by applying a profusion of heat and flavours. Usually from whatever was available. Local available produce, herbs, spices and a special fire have germinated as many versions of this famous jerk seasoning as there are chefs. Read about the history of jerk here.

There have been many jerk cook offs over the years between the the best restaurant chefs in the world and the humble Rasta man in Jamaica. Usually the Rasta man will come out on top. Most Jamaicans have a grandparent that taught them their special version.

This is exemplified in Boston Bay Jamaica, once a year, at the Jerk Festival where many versions are available, each with it’s own little twist. You can try it on seafood, poultry, wild pork, goat and even vegetables. Roast Jerk breadfruit seems to be the next best thing.

Chillis are of course an essential part of this recipe, and there are as many varieties of chillies as there are versions of Jerk.

To create your own version of jerk, you need to be a bit creative. The original creators of this seasoning, were poor and they sourced their ingredients from an abundant food forest around them.

What surrounds you? Where is your food forest? Is it the supermarket, or is it the farmers market? Do you have a garden? We’ve raided our local food forest to come up with our own traditional Jamaican inspired Jerk Seasoning. Of course Jah Blue spent his youth in the Jamaican Hills creating his jerk, so you can be sure it is authentic.

Our prolific garden has inspired our Jamaican and African One Drop Chilli Sauce.
Each sauce is tasty and has a lot of kick.

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