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Jamaican jerk sauce seasoning has a fascinating history. Originating in West Africa before slavery with the Comantee hunters, it has been adapted over hundreds of years to the herbs and spices of the Caribbean. This has resulted in a unique and marvellous flavour. When the British invaded Jamaica in 1655, the Spanish fled leaving behind many African slaves. These people escaped into the Blue Mountains and mixed with the native Taino and Arawak Indians. They became rebel runaways known as the Maroons. Cut of from mainstream society they created their own foods, which were a blending of many races and local ingredients. Jamaican Jerk and Caribbean food has been influenced by the Chinese, Syrian, Indian, African, Irish, Spanish, British and French cuisines.

Portland Jamaica is the home of the best Jamaican jerk on the island. Jamaican jerk sauce on chicken and pork is available from street stalls where it is cooked over hot charcoal on primitive barbecues. The aim is to get a lovely smoked flavour to the meat. Also known as Jerk Spice, this is more of a dry spice rub for meat or vegetables. Jah Blue’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce is a wet marinade sauce. It is rubbed into the meat and left to marinate overnight for an outstanding flavour. Scotch bonnet peppers give the sauce heat. They are one of the hottest chillies. Try something new and exciting at your next barbecue with this delicious and authentic marinade.